How to choose and order a cake?

Please make sure you place your online cakes order at least few days in advance.
For those of you not familiar with online orders – just send us an email to, specifying the following:
1 – Name of the cake
2 – Preferences for sponge and filling
3 – Date for Pick up / Delivery
4 – Time for pick up / Delivery (from – to within at least 1 hour)
5 – Place for pick up / Delivery (delivery fee apply)
6 – Would you like any message on the cake?
7 – Any other inscriptions or details we need to know
8 – Your name and contact number
9 – Payment method – (please note Card Payment is only applicable for orders scheduled for delivery, pick up orders must be paid 48 hours in advance)
To order one of the cakes on this website please follow the instructions below:
To place the order online please:
Choose your preferences for sponge , filling, date and time, then press “Add to cart”. Once you are done shopping, go to your cart. Check if the correct products are in the cart and then press “Proceed to checkout”
2. After that fill in all the required fields or if you are already registered login in in your account. Please make sure to enter the correct city for delivery, so in the delivery page you will have the correct options for delivery.
3. In the next page you have to choose shipping method – pick up or delivery.
Please do not choose the courier option for cakes, cupcakes and cookies. It is only for decorating supplies.
4. After that please choose how do you prefer to pay. Please note cash on delivery is only for cakes with delivery. Pick up cakes must be paid in advance.
5. In the last page please make sure that the content of your cart is correct , in the field comment on order please write any other detail we need to know and message you would like to be on the cakes and press “PLACE ORDER”.